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  Taxed To Death
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I find it amazing that the public hasn't started a revolt against taxes and our tax system.  It would be happening if the majority of citizens realized just how much of our money is sent back to one type of government or another just to enable them to spend more and more.

Governments have become a being in their own right.  They tax us to take our money away from us and spend it on things that governments don't suppose to be doing.  It is always how are we going to raise more money.  It is never how are we going to cut spending.

There is so many ways we are being taxed by so many governments, be it state, county, city, or federal.  Every where you turn you are handing some of your money over to some form of government to spend on things that you never would waste your money on.

But government is suppose to be of the people, yet they do things that a majority of the people wouldn't approve of or want, but it still happens.  People win an election and then they start thinking that they are smarter then the people that put them in office.  The ego starts to rule and run the government.

So how much it taxes are you paying?  Think about it.  Check your phone bill, check the gas pumps, check the property taxes you pay and the sales tax you pay.  When you go that far, then you can stop and think that you haven't even begun to add up all the taxes.  THE .25 CENTS YOU PUT IN THE PARKING METER IS A TAX!  Start there and work you way up, any kind of license you have to buy is  a tax.

There are some plans being floated around about a change in the tax system.  If we are the government we should insist it happens.

Here is a secret about government.  It wants things to be confusing and hard to understand.  People who do their own taxes and have done them for years will know what I am talking about.  No you haven't gotten dumber, the tax system has just gotten more confusing by design.  Just the way the god's of governments want it.

It is time to stand up and do something about it and other ways the government is doing things it shouldn't be doing, while we still have the power to do something.  We need a Common Sense Party.  It is time to kick the representives of both parties to the curb and get some common people that have to live under the actions of the government .  Some common people with good sense.  It isn't that complicated to start the process of fixing it.  Just remember the government and the people trying to run it, WANT it to be complicated.  It is there way of trying to stay in power.




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