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  Save Our Children
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There are many dangers that can harm our children.  Dangers that they shouldn't have to deal with.  One of the dangers is just being able to make it here to this world.  The picture you see here started out as a one cell being.  There are pictures of her when she was just a few cells old.  Look at what she looks like now.


Another great danger is Vaccines and how we just take it for granted that the medical and pharmaceutical people and companies always know what they are talking about and are always honest with what they know.  It is up to us as parents to protect our innocent little charges and not to blindly accept everything presented to us without question.  PLEASE research about Vaccines.  You may then make a different decision.


There is no punishment to great to the scum of the earth that preys on the innocence of our children.  These people should never see the light of day to be able to take another youth's innocence or life.  This also includes the Priests that have preyed on the young people of their church.  Because of the trust factor and their position, in a way what they do is even worse then the other scum bags out there that we see on the news.


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