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  Racist America
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How many times do you see someone that makes a lot of sense about a subject, then they are called a racist? 

Now it is being used against the people that want to make sure our borders are secure.

It is not always about race.  Most of the time it isn't about race.  But the people who speak for some minorities sure do try to make it about race.

The sure way not to have to talk about the REAL issues is to call someone a racist.  Then the conversion is changed from the real issues and what to do about them to is that person a racist or not.

Is there racism in America?  Sure there is and it is in all races not just one.  When people stop thinking that they are the only ones that have a problem with racist people then maybe they will finally understand, some people are just that way, but not all people are.  Should you not get a job just because you are black or brown.  NO, but then neither should you not get a job just because you are white.  There are jerks and bad people in all races.  There are racists in all races.

The most wronged people in this country is the Native Americans.  We came to their land and country and took it away from them.  The talk of restitution is such a joke, yet there are people, even elected officials talking about it.  You have got to be kidding me that people are even taking this seriously.  From the looks of things in Africa it looks like it would be better to be in this country even if you don't have the greatest life.  You should thing God that you was born in this country.  You have the chance to make a good life for yourself, but you have to do something with that chance.  You can't put all of your energy in to how wronged you are just because of what color you are.  You are responsible for your own success or failure.

Look at people like Clarence Thomas, Colin Powell, or Condi Rice.  Three very powerful people that have made it, they should be an inspiration to people of any race or color.

Rock Star INXS   August 2oo5

There is a program on tv this summer called Rock Star INXS.  The group is looking for a new lead singer to replace the lead singer that killed himself.  It started out with 15 or 16 singers from around the world.  America votes and the bottom three each week goes on the block and the Band cuts one of them.

In the last week of August 2oo5 the person that was sent home was black.  He was very talented, good looking, a good performer, and appeared to be intelligent.  This week was the third time he had been in the bottom three.  When people are cut they have a chance to say something.

This person whose name is TY, went on about how the reason he was gong home was that people weren't accepting of him because of his color.  Like I said he appeared to be intelligent and maybe he is, but this was an outrageous statement.  What is really sad is that people are brought up and encouraged to think such things.  Maybe at certain times and cases this is true, BUT it isn't here in this case.

First Ty may have a bigger appreciation of his talent the;n what others see. 

Second: From his statement he appears to have the mine set that he is the most talented person in the world and if he doesn't succeed or make it, it is not because of his talent level, but ONLY because he is black.  That was and is an insult to all the people who were voting in this.

Third: He never started showing up in the bottom 3 until some of the less talented people were cut from the show.  After that then he started showing up.  But there is people there just as talented if not more then Ty.

Fourth: If there was a reason people didn't connect with him it wasn't the color of his skin, but his silly haircut.  He had a mohawk that was spiked.  Very few will relate to that much less like it.  The band even made comments about it early on but he went back to it.  If he wants to blame anybody or thing for him getting voted off, he can blame his haircut.

Fifth:  He needs to watch the 2nd and 3rd season of American Idol.  A black person won both of those seasons.  For him to make statements like that in something like this is so off base, but will any one call him on it?  Doubtful.  This is just another example of how screwed up peoples way of looking at things are.


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