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It is time that we speak up and use our voices while we still have the freedom to speak up and be heard.  We don't have to agree on everything.  Can we agree that government is out of control?  Can we agree that the people with the most money has the representives that are elected to represent us ears?  Can we agree it needs to change?



We as a people and a country need a grassroots effort to take back control of this country.  There are a lot of things that could be taken care of if just a little common sense was used.

The people in power or the people who want to be in power are not going to use common sense.  The only sense they wil or are using is what do they have to do to stay in power or to regain power.  They will support or are against a position depending on how they think it will help them in their quest to have the power.  This is sad but true.

If such a grassroots movement is going to work, it can't be hijacked by one person.  It would be good to have a person who could catch the interest of the American public, but the movement can't just depend on one person.

People won't have too and they won't agree on everything.  But we have to get this government and politicians and lobbyist under control.  All of these people if they eat enough bean burritos will get gas.  They are no better then the common people even though they would like for you to think that they are.

How do we start?  Who is interested?  Are you tired of paying more in taxes then what you should have to?  And are you even more tired of the way governments are spending that money?  Let us hear from some of you Common Sense Patriots out there that has good ideas on how we can make this country better.  Let us hear from the common folks, they are the ones having to live under what the governments put on us.


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