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The United States Constitution

The government is failing the citizens and NOT doing one of the purposes of government, Protecting The Borders!  Here are some links to people who are trying to do something about it.  Get involved.  Demand your representives do the right thing and protect our borders.  The war on terror is a joke as long as we leave our borders wide open.  If we can't control our own borders, it won't be long before we don't have a country to try and protect.


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It is important if you are giving or going to give vaccinations to your children or yourself that you research what is realy in and what is really happening with vaccinations.  Big Brother DOESN'T know everything nor is right about everything.  Even though Government or the big Pharmaceuticals or the government agencies dealing with this don't want you to do the research.  Please take a little time and see what is being done to us by the people that suppose to be protecting us.  This isn't the case.  Here are some links to get your started.  There are a lot more and a large amount of information of what is really going on, but you have to make a little effort to find it.  Government and Big Pharma doesn't want you to know about this:






Evidence Of Harm

CDC Knew: Mercury in Vaccines inducing Autism

MERCOLA article about Mercury in Vaccines







Sites Of Interest

We may not agree with everything that you will fine on some of these sites.  We may not agree with anything on some of them.  But every site we will list we give you things to think about and we give you knowledge about things that the elite doesn't want us to know about.  For them to keep their power over us, it is important that they keep us unaware of certain things.

Our freedom will not last if we aren't aware of the things and people who are at work at taking our freedoms away.  Not fast, but slow , so that by the time we realize what is going on, it will be too late.


 Martial Law 9/11 Rise of the Police State is now available!!


Amazing Video and Books from Alex Jones                                           Img13.png  








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