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Img11.png This could be a touchy subject, but a subject that needs to be addressed if this site is to really be a site about people who love America.

If you are old enough you will remember when the word GAY meant something totally different then what people think of it today.  Then the word was hijacked by the homosexual movement.

Also a word the movement loves to use is homophobia.  If you disagree with the movement or point out areas that don't agree with the movement, they will label a person as a homophob.

As soon as they do this then the person is on the defensive and off point.  I submit to you that is part of the plan.  Instead of dealing with real points and views that might have substance, call the person names and get then defending themselves.

I submit to you that the movement is making a mistake when they want to force everyone to accept them as normal.  Could this be one reason they are pushing so hard to be able to marry?  But most know it is not normal and they will resist an effort to HAVE to accept something as normal that they know isn't.

A lot in the homosexual movement wants everyone to think of them as being normal in everyway.  But the fact is that they aren't normal in everyway.  But as soon as someone says this they will be labeled as having homophobia.

   People will say I was born this way, I can't help myself.  If that is really the case then you have a birth defect.  Let me explain.

The strongest instinct in animals, nature is for survival.  For a species to survive they have to be able to produce offspring.  If they can't reproduce offspring then the species will cease to exist.  This one fact tells the story of  homosexuality is not normal or natural.

So does this make them bad people?  I guess that would depend on what the meaning of the word is, is.  From a religious point of view it is viewed as sin.  That is a fact in the religious world.  So for the people that believe that way it is really pushing them to be forced to accept something they believe is wrong.

There are a lot of good people that call themselves homosexual.  There are a lot that you would be better off trusting them then so called straight people.  That also is a fact.  A lot of homosexuals add a lot of good things to a community and are valued in that community.

If you want to be accepted as the same as everyone else, then quit pointing out you are different.  Stop trying to push your lifestyle down everyone's throat to accept it as main stream or normal.  It is not main stream or normal.  Just live your life and let people get to know you.  In most cases once they get to know you they will accept you and treat you no different then they would anyone else.  For those that do treat you different they aren't worth you time and energy to try to know them.

Should you have extra rights as a group?  The answer is a big NO.  You have the same rights as every human being in this country.  It is as simple as that.  You are an American then you should have the rights of an American.  Most people could care less if you are homosexual so live your life that way and know that the ones who do care are a waste of your energy.  Remember you don't want people to try and force their beliefs down your throat, even though they may be as strong as yours.  So don't expect people to want you to try and force your beliefs down their throats.

You should leave marriage alone.  That is between a man and a woman.  People will resist the use of the word marriage between members of the same sex.  As far as adopting children I believe there is a problem with that.  It is hard enough for a kid growing up and they really need a male and female parent.  I believe that is the ideal way for a child to be raised.  A kid needs a mom and dad, not two dads or two moms.  Should a child be denied the love of two loving parents no matter what sex?  How could anyone answer yes to this? 

The bottom line is that we are all Americans and we all love this country.  We want the best for the ones we love and for ourselves.  Let us all come together to make this great country even greater.  No one is better or worse then the other, we are just different.  We can all be different and still be Americans that love our country.





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