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  The Game Is Power
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The game is power.  Money fuels the game and money is the power.  People will do many things that they might not even believe in, when money is put before them.  There are many rules being made right now indirectly by the holders of people with the most money.  Instead of our elected officials representing us they in truth are making sure the people with the green backs are being taken care of and protected.



Let me try to understand this.  The EPA has asked manufacturers that use PFOA  to reduce production 95% by 2010 and to STOP using it by 2015.  NOW the question has to be if it is so bad then WHY wait until 2015 to stop using it altogether?  That is 9 (NINE) Years.   That DOESN'T make sense, does it?  Except to give the people who use this, time to come up with something else to use.  BUT what about the well being of the people.  What is REALLY more important.  DOES this give you the answer?


EPA moves to ban cookware chemicals

In a surprise turn Wednesday, the Environmental Protection Agency moved to eliminate the production of a suspected carcinogen used in the making of Teflon and other non-stick and non-stain coatings.

The EPA has asked eight manufacturers that use a family of chemicals known as perfluorooctanoic acid, or PFOA, to reduce production 95% by 2010 and to stop using it altogether by 2015.

PFOA, which is found in the blood of more than 95% of Americans, has been tied to cancer and developmental damage in animal studies. It is used in the process that makes water-, stain- and grease-resistant products, everything from microwave popcorn bags to pizza box liners, non-stick cookware to pillows, upholstery to carpets.

Environmentalists and consumer groups have long dogged the agency to act.

“The science is still coming in, but the concern is there, so acting now to minimize future releases of PFOA is the right thing to do for our environment and our health,” says Susan Hazen of EPA's Office of Prevention, Pesticides and Toxic Substances.

“This program will call on industry to essentially eliminate PFOA release and its presence in products over the next decade.”

EPA officials are calling for voluntary PFOA cutbacks because “under the Toxic Substances Control Act, they don't have authority to ban it,” says Richard Wiles of the Environmental Working Group, a public interest group that has long fought to bring public attention to PFOA in the environment.

If the EPA is able to get the chemicals phased out, Wiles says, it will be “the single biggest action the agency has ever taken.”

The DuPont Company announced Wednesday that it would comply with the EPA's voluntary guidelines. “DuPont has been aggressively reducing PFOA emissions to the environment,” DuPont vice president Susan Stalnecker says.

DuPont has been at the center of the controversy. The company agreed in December to pay $10.25 million in fines and $6.25 million for research and education to resolve federal charges that it hid information about the dangers posed by PFOA.

Less toxic alternatives are readily available, says Scott Mabury, a professor of environmental chemistry at the University of Toronto in Canada.

PFOA is characterized by a chain of eight carbon atoms. But a version of four carbon atoms works well and doesn't accumulate in bodies, Mabury says. “You won't find them in huge quantities in polar bears or human blood, like we do the eight-carbon version. There will be chemical pollution from it but you can't have toxicology if you don't have exposure. It is an appropriate chemical solution to a chemical problem.”


It should be against the law for anyone or company to have more access then any citizen.  It is because of the lobby that laws are passed NOT for the good of the citizens.  BUT for the good of the bottom line of the companies that lobby.  It is time for the elected representives to do the job they were elected for :  TO REPRESENT THE PEOPLE

A lobbyist, Snyder said, should be treated the same as any other citizen who comes to Washington to petition his or her member of Congress.


Lawmaker-lobbyists may lose privileges

The House of Representatives takes up a proposed rule change today that would bar former representatives who work as lobbyists from being on the House floor or using the gym, privileges that all former members enjoy. The rule change is the first of several actions lawmakers are considering to clean up their image in light of the Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal.

House Rules Committee Chairman David Dreier, R-Calif., said other proposals would deny federal retirement benefits to officials convicted of crimes such as bribery and fraud and would prohibit or limit gift-giving and trips arranged by lobbyists or their clients.

Rep. Vic Snyder, D-Ark., testifying to the Rules Committee, said the rules changes did not go far enough. He said lawmakers-turned-lobbyists should also have to stand in security lines like other visitors to the Capitol, lose their member dining room privileges and give up their parking places.

A lobbyist, Snyder said, should be treated the same as any other citizen who comes to Washington to petition his or her member of Congress.

The reputation of Congress has taken a blow with Abramoff's guilty plea Jan. 3 to felony crimes arising from his lobbying. Abramoff clients contributed millions of dollars to campaign funds and to finance trips for members of Congress.










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