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  Christian America
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As much as many would like to deny it, this country was founded by Christians for the most part.  It was founded as a Christian nation.  Not to spread the religion or force it on someone but to give the country a solid foundation.  A foundation of right and wrong.

If a civilization is going to continue and prosper, there has to be a foundation of what is right and wrong.  That is one thing that Christianity gave this country in the beginning.  That is one reason this country has been such a giving caring country so many times in history.

This country was not founded by people who didn't believe in God, nor did they intend to take God out of government, but to take government out of God.  Read about these people before you decide what their intentions were.

As this is being written New Orleans is in a state of trying to recover from the great storm and people taking over the streets.  People are being killed, raped, and stolen from.  This site should show everyone how much this country is at risk.

New Orleans right now looks like a third world country that is ruled by who has the most guns.  Anarchy is running in the streets.  It doesn't look like America.  What is right and wrong?  It is hard to say anymore with all the special groups wanting to be in the main stream.  It seems like everyone has rights except people who knows what is right and wrong.

Are we going to lose a major city?  We need to return to our roots.  To what made this country great and good.  There is right and believe me there is WRONG.  The problem is that people want to be thought of as being in the right, when it fact they are in the wrong.

What is happening in New Orleans is wrong.  People are being pulled off of search and rescue to deal with the looters and thieves and rapists and killers.  People may die that aren't found in time because people are having to deal with the scum running the streets of New Orleans.  If these people had been brought up learning about God and what is right and wrong, then most would be acting differently then what they are doing now.


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